Sunday, February 23, 2014

Cosmetics I'm "addicted" to

So, I want to talk about which cosmetics I'm "addicted" to! There are a few products that we can't live without them. Mine are these:


I don't know who invented the eyeliner, but I just want to thank this person so much. Right, I've heard that the Egyptians invented it, but it's not the point. You can be anything with it, from a girly doll to a sexy cat, and do anything you want. I freaked out when I finished my eyeliner tube a few months ago. I seriously can't live without it. 


Life would be so boring without them. There are endless lipstick color palettes today, from the classic red to a sunny yellow (Lime Crime, you know?). Lip glosses are magical, they fit with anything. I have a bag just for my lip glosses, and I can't leave home without one. A day is sunnier when your lips shine!


Another great invention of the humanity. Have you ever heard that life's better with colors? THAT'S WHY NAIL POLISHES EXIST! Fortunately, we can create many arts with these babes nowadays. I just can't look at my nails when they're without polish because they look so boring.


Right, there is a very good reason for why I can't live without body lotions. The weather of the city I live is horrible (I mean, rarely rains here). When I moved to here, my skin became SO dry, specially my legs. I don't apply lotions everyday, but at least once a week. I recently tried Mary Kay's Satin Body and it is one of the best lotions ever, a must-have to everyone who lives in a city with bad weather like me. 

And you? Which cosmetics are your favorites? Leave a comment ;)

XOXO, Amyh

Note: All images were found at WeHeartIt and edited by myself at Fotorl and Photoshop CS3

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