Saturday, March 29, 2014

The High School drama

So, I'm finally in my Sophomore year. When I was a kid, I used to watch teen movies like High School Musical and The Barbie Diaries (yes, it is the first and only Barbie animation for teens) and I believed that my HS years would be a dream - and guess what? These are the worst years ever. 
Sure, it's great to be only sixteen. It's great to be young. But High School brought me the worst experiences of my life. Let's start with the schedule issue. MY SCHOOL HAS THE WORST SCHEDULE EVER! I really don't know what the hell the headmistress was thinking (probably "let's make the kids go crazy"). Then we have the exams and all that stuff. So the subjects that I hate, like Physics and Chemistry. Subjects like these never worked with me. I'm a 100% artistic person and at the last time I entered in a Chemistry lab, I almost fainted because of the killing odor. 

The crazy schedule makes EVERYONE really tired. I mean, a KILLING tiredness. Now let's talk about the social issue. I don't have problems with it because I really don't care for what people say about me (and they say a lot because of my clothes), but people around me do. I have a friend who got serious problems socially. And I have friends who love parties, and I hate. They constantly call me to party with them, but I always refuse. So people will say you're "boring, annoying, weird" (but as I said, I don't care). 

But there's a point that's very similar to the fake High School world shown in the movies: the key to be a cool person is dating or kissing a hot guy. Why people care so much about dating issues when you have to study to graduate? I DON'T GET THAT! And why studying makes you a "boring person"? Crazy little world!

Anyway, I'm really busy because almost all of these issues, so that's why I'm not posting here too much. All I want is graduate and start the Dramatic Arts college. Yay! 

XOXO, Amyh

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  1. Normal people are just stupid in 90% of time. But keep strong. And don't think always "i hate that subject, i'm not good in that subject". Just try have the medium knowledge to graduate :3 I did this in portuguese. I neede 6.0 to be in blue, an my scores was always 6,5-7,5. When my score was 8.o or more I thiked "f*ck yeah!" xD