Wednesday, April 16, 2014

eBay mini-haul!

I received what I asked for birthday this year: money. So I decided to do a mini-haul on eBay ('cause I spent my money in other online shops) and I bought three items from China: a wig, a headband and a pair of over-knee socks (I'll talk about the other items I bought later).

Let's start with the over-knee socks. I bought them for US2.66 (seller is susuway and there are in white, pink and purple available too). Really cheap price and I simply love them. They're SO comfy and soft, I love to walk with them. They're perfect for cold winter nights. They're even prettier than in the description photos.

Aren't they a cutie?

The wig... I SIMPLY LOVE THE WIG! It was only US14.36 (seller is purple-lucky). So cheap for a high-quality wig! The hair is so soft and shiny (but not TOO shiny, or it would look so fake). I bought it for two reasons. First, I'm tired of my black hair, but my parents won't let me dye my hair. Second, I'm going to cosplay Dr. Haleen Quinzel (I'd like to cosplay Harley Quinn in the Arkham City version but I don't have money for that). PLUS, it makes me feel like Marina in the "Radioactive" music video.

Photo not edited to show the accurate color of the wig

(Also, do I really have to say that I started spinning when I wore it?)

Now it's time to talk about the "leaf" headband. As I pray to Hellenic gods and I feel really inspired by the old grecian fashion sometimes, I couldn't resist. It was really cheap too, only US1.15 (seller is wangli3692012). The only negative point about it is that it is too tight and I start feeling pain in my head. 

It is the best photo I took of it, sorry. But it makes me feel like a goddess!

Now the final notes: all of them arrived CRAZILY fast. The Brazilian mail service is horrible and it takes a month, two or even four to my packages arrive. But they arrived in less than a month. Not complaining, but it scares me haha.

Hmm... Yeah, that is. Really enjoyed all of them!

XOXO, Amyh

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  1. Omg, I loved your purchcases! I want your headress! *-*