Tuesday, April 29, 2014

♡ Tag: Liebster Award ♡

My very dear and lovely friend Ichigo from Sussurro do Ar tagged me on this challenge. I must have to say 11 facts about me and answer to 11 questions. Sooo, let's go!


1) I used to believe in fairies when I was nine and ten years old. I still believing that similar creatures do exist, and I STRONGLY believe in mermaids.
2) My first dream job was doctor. But as I don't have ANY skills for biology, medicine and science, I gave up and I found out that I was born to be an actress.
3) My biggest fashion inspirations (role models) are Marina Diamandis, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, AMO and comic characters like Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn.
4) I literally freak out when I finish my eyeliners. Can't live without them.
5) I am not exactly latina. I am linked to Italians and Japaneses. And my great-great-grandmother is Spanish. Isn't this awesome? 
6) I dream of traveling to Greece for my honeymoon, then give birth to three princesses: Helena, Alice and Venus. 
7) My brother became an US citizen this year and I'm going to step on the North-American ground very soon!
8) I'm Wiccan in the Greek pantheon. I love Hera and Athena unconditionally. But my parents don't even know about it, they're crazy Christians. 
9) I am a more-than-active user of Tumblr and WeHeartIt. My W♥I nickname is PastelSwan ;)
10) I enjoy having my own fashion style and try different styles all the time, but the kawaii/pastel-ish one is my favorite. 
11) The stuffed animal that appears on many selfies of me is Ririka. I have her since I was eight years old and she's my biggest companion. ->>>>


1) What was your biggest motivation to open the blog?
I want to share my own world with everyone who has the same interests and promote my work as an actress, songwriter and model. 
2) What makes you feel alive?
What makes me feel alive is always something free. Like the nature, my friends, my grandmother and my beloved one. The best things of life are priceless. 
3) What is your favorite fairy tale?
Smallhead And The King's Sons! It's a celtic fairy tale and I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the plot!
4) What is the main color in your wardrobe?
Hard to answer, but pink, white and black.
6) Which skill/talent you'd like to have?
Gymnastic skills, but I mean, in a very Harley Quinn way!
7) What is your fashion style?
I have my own. And I've already explained about it in this post haha.
8) What people see and remember of you?
I don't know... Ponies, musicals and pink, I guess.
9) Does has something that bothers you because it is available in child-size only? 
Yes! Disney Princess licensed clothes! 
10) What do you do to "feed" your soul?
I sing and pray to Hera <3
11) What is alternative fashion for you?
A brand-new world of awesomeness!

So, I'm not going to tag no one, but if you want to, you can answer to these questions:
1) Which song you currently just can't stop listening to?
2) What is your favorite lipstick color?
3) Which Disney movie is your favorite and why?
4) My favorite toy in childhood was...
5) What is your favorite social network?
6) How do you express yourself?
7) What is your dream travel?
8) You'd rather wear the same outfit forever or be naked for a day?
9) Hello Kitty, Care Bears or My Little Pony?
10) What is your favorite memory from the 90's/childhood?
11) What is the worst book you've read?

Comment if you're going to answer to them in your blog and please link me there! Bye bye!

XOXO, Amyh

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