Saturday, May 10, 2014

The teenage dream

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And it's not about the Katy Perry song - it's about real life. 
You don't have to feel ashamed: you grew up believing that the teenage years are made of a rebel and forbidden glamour. You've watched Clueless, Mean Girls, Confessions Of A Teenage Drama Queen and the Oslen twins' movies in your childhood and used to trust in the beauty of that crazy youth. But the only movie that I've watched that is more similar to real life is The Princess' Diaries. No, not that part of finding out that you are a princess, but how being a teenager can be difficult and not exactly glamorous.

No wardrobe softwares, Chanel bags, Tiffany's necklaces or the coolest phones of this generation. The teenage life, that used to sound like a love game featuring fashionable clothes, is actually a hell. All I want now is graduate and move to São Paulo to enroll to the Dramatic Arts college, as I said in a previous post. 
But as the adult life is even harder than the teenage life, I want to forget about the college for now. I want to direct, write the script and play the starring role of myself on my own teenage movie. 
If my movie is about being an "idle teen" or an ugly and not rich girl, it will be. Not saying that it is. I mean, we all got our stories and experiences. And even if everything is hard, we have to turn our ugly-duclking-youth into a beautiful swan.

Photo found on WeHeartIt

It can be also pretty awesome to being young. You don't have kids, bills, a husband and a full-time job. As I have only 23 months of adolescence, I want to make them special. I did a list of things that I want to do before turning 18, but what I wrote is a secret. I want to look at my old photos one day and say: "It was hard, but it was fun!". Graduation will arrive, and it will make me feel that my teenage dream is complete. 

XOXO, Amyh

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