Friday, June 6, 2014

Finally an update! Blippo Kawaii Shop review!

I know there is a long time since my last update, but I have explanations: school is killing me and my computer had serious problems, then my father bought a new one two days ago.
Anyway, this post is a review of a super cute store called Blippo! The prices are so amazing, just like the stuff they sell. I mean, you want to buy EVERYTHING on there! They sell many cute things, from Pocky to Rilakkuma toys, Decoden stickers to fashion accessories! The shipping is free for any order to any country, but you can choose to pay shipping (for a very cheap price) to get a tracking number. As the Brazilian mail service is a sh*t, it was better to pay the shipping.

 What I bought:

♥ Hello Kitty Pocky
♥ Pink umbrella pen
Note: the keychain is a goodie included in any Blippo order!

 Hello Kitty Pocky review:

I was amazed with the HK Pocky! It is not a Glico Pocky (the brand is Kabaya), but the taste is basically the same, with exception that the strawberry chocolate is way more delicious than Glico's!

I freaked out when I opened the box and found out THIS F***ING CUTE PACKAGE!It's so damn kawaii and there are Hello Kitties everywhere and omg!!!

Posing with Pocky! Tee hee

Also, in the back of the box, there is a manga stripe! Each box comes with a random story. Mine's about Kitty's grandparents. So cute!

Overall rating: 5/5
Note: Currently out of stock

 Umbrella pen:

It was available also in blue, yellow and green, but I obviously chose pink! This is one of the cutest pens that I ever seen. The ink is blue and the writing is so soft. Love it in every way!

Overall rating: 5/5
Note: Currently out of stock

 Store's overall review:

I'm speechless about Blippo. Everything is so awesome about this shop! I'm surely going to buy more stuff at Blippo whenever I can. I even got a discount code to my next purchase! The staff is so lovely too. 

5/5 to Blippo Kawaii Shop!

And now, I announce the review of the next post: Pretty Zombie Cosmetics' "Zombettie" liquid lipstick!
Thanks for reading!


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