Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Review: Pretty Zombie Cosmetics!

Hey guys! What's up? :3
This is another review as I promised, and it's about a new indie and vegan brand of cosmetics, Pretty Zombie Cosmetics! PZC opened in 2012 and is cruelty-free, so you can buy it happy to know that any animal were hurt for its formula!
There are currently matte liquid lipsticks in 8 colors: Purple Poison, Spellbook, Zombettie, Black Cat, Pink Potion, 3 Witches, Blue Moon and Poison #9. I chose Zombettie because it is very similar to Lime Crime's Red Velvet, but I don't have money for this one. PZC is not an expensive brand like Lime Crime and got an amazing quality.


I loved the way the product was packaged in the box. My Zombettie was kept under the white paper and with the card above it. What I just don't understand is that the photos I saw on Instagram showed a flourescent green paper, but anyway, still lovely. 
I just love their character! She's a pin-up zombie! 


In the website, they say that it dries in 90 seconds, but it was like, 10 seconds to me! It feels soft and velvet-like after the application, but after two hours, I started feeling that my lips were so dry. That's the only negative point about it.
The color is sooo beautiful and sexy and everybody asked me to borrow my Zombettie hahahaha. It is easy to apply, but if you're not good at applying red lipsticks like me, you will need a wet swab.

Watching the basics!

Overall rating: 4.5/5
I'm totally going to buy more liquid lipsticks at PZC!
Bye ♥

XOXO, Amyh

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  1. I want too !! But I can't spend money this month!
    The time for dry remeber me a thing: some international brands like Loreal needed change the formula because the brazilian climate and skin are different. :3